Teehee - The "spooky, adorable, possibly-prepubescent Halloweeny trickster-girl" (MY words, not Bippzy's)

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Teehee - The "spooky, adorable, possibly-prepubescent Halloweeny trickster-girl" (MY words, not Bippzy's)

Post by Bippzy on Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:17 am

Picture done by me. "Yeah, look at how damn great I look! Candy corn hair? Give this guy a medal!"

Female / 5'1" / 102 lbs. / 13-ish(?) years old

On windy. twilight-illuminated autumn evenings, if you were to wander a little too far into a creepy forest… Or maybe stumble into a graveyard… Or get lost in a cornfield… Hang around in a pumpkin patch a bit too long… Among other things… You may have found yourself in the fantastically spooky land of Jackolight. And what a spooky place it was. All sorts of strange beings gather in this place between worlds, from the denizens of various folklores to the spirits of the autumn season itself.

“That’s enough exposition, right? Right? I know the person writing this likes to throw in details, but this is a character profile on an RP forum. Don’t think I don’t know, alright? Yeah. I’m not stupid. I’m a character crafted up from this weirdo’s imagination. He made me flat-chested… What’s up with that? Jeez. Is he into that sort of”thing?"

Alright. I’m taking this profile back. I’m the one writing it. You’re just my character, you have no say about what I -

“HAH! Nah, this profile is mine now. SO LET’S GET INTO THE JUICY DETAILS, YEAH?”

Mmm, okay, but if you get out-of-hand, I’m going to intervene.


The floor is yours.

“Great! So anyway, I’m Teehee! I’m a figment of this jerk’s imagination created to be a self-aware character that makes his life a living hell! But I guess if you want some background, I’ll flesh it out for you… I was born a while back in Halloween Spooky-Spook Land (officially called Jackolight for you lore-nerds), and people hated me. A lot. But not for real reasons like ‘she’s a bully’ or ‘she’s green’, but for stupid reasons like ‘she always has an answer to every situation but picks the most ridiculous things and it doesn’t always work because she thinks it’s funny’. So what? I was born with the gifts of being a bit too self-aware and being context sensitive to damn near any situation. I’m like a cartoon character. It’s almost like the glorious asshole that created me went to school for animation or something.”

Well, I did go to school for animation. And you know this because you know everything about me because that’s just who you are. I suggest you stop insulting me and just get on with your story, I’m sure there’s a lot more stuff people would like to hear about you.

“Hah! I made his text tiny because WHOOOO CAAAAARES about him, this is MY character profile! ANYWAY! I’m too self-aware for my own good and I respond to situations with context-sensitive solutions! That’s the short version, I guess. I’m a spooky, adorable, possibly-prepubescent Halloweeny trickster-girl. Standard fare for a character made by THIS GUY.”

Really? You’re doing this now?

“Oh, Bippzy. Bippzy, Bippzy, BIppzy… Of COURSE I’m going to bring it up now! This is about me, so I’m gonna say what I want about me and how I arrived at becoming me. Your secrets are not safe if I’m here to embarrass you, belittle you, and all-around present you as a failure to society!”

I hate you so much.

“Nah, you love me. You’re probably IN love with me, you sicko.”

No… No, wait… What?


Oh great, now she’s bringing up D.Va lines from Overwatch...

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