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Yuki's Minions!

Post by Yuki on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:17 pm

“Do you really wish to be reborn?”


“Even rebirth cannot change who you really are. Simply accept who you are. Accept the fact that you are death.”

“I want nothing more than the hurt to end. I do not want these memories. Do not be a fool and think that I know not who I am. Just let this version of me die and let me be reborn again.”

“That fire in your icy heart never does cease to amaze me. I must say you have been one of my favorite pawns.”

“I grow tired of your taunting.”

“Very well...but before I let you go on your way to meet the bottom of the cliff answer me this. Why were you so passionate about killing her?”

“As you said I am death.”

“You know that is not what I want to hear.”

“She was a part of me. That part that you so happily ripped away from me. I was only fitting that she die by my hand. She always belonged to me. She did not belong to you. You cannot rip pieces away from me and simply ask me to accept it. I may be your precious little porcelain doll but she was an abomination. An imitation who even you could not control! If what you want to hear is I that I enjoyed killing her than know this. I did. I enjoyed her blood running down my hands.”

“Fair enough. As you said you are my little porcelain doll. You always have been. But let me remind you that I may have given you free will but you will always belong to me! I'll simply pick up your pieces and put you back together and start all over. Your rebirth does not stop this cycle. But by all means step off the cliff”

“Thank you”

With no thought she clasped her hands together in front of her chest and closed her eyes. Her first step was her last as her body plummeted to the rocks below.

Eirlys awoke screaming. Her heart pounding against her chest as if wishing to leap out from its cage. In the moonlight she could see her reflection in the mirror. The woman staring back at her seemed so foreign. She was deathly pale and her skin glistend with the sweat that had developed in her sleep. Her ebony hair that normally floated in waves now flattened against her head and cheeks. Her eyes were wide and a strange shade of violet when they should have been blue.  Who is that in the mirror? Why is she staring at me? Before she could think more on the ghostly figure in the mirror she heard the heavy wooden door to her room open. Then the familiar stern footsteps that belonged to one of the sisters.

“Eirlys! Child your screams will wake the dead! “ Sister Erica had been prepared to begin her chastising of the young woman and yet she took pity on her. She was an older  heavy set woman who would put the fear of the heavens into the devils. “You were dreaming again?” She questioned as she sat beside Eirlys' trembling body, “Which dream was it?”  “The woman who jumped from the cliff” she replied shakily before looking down at her hands. They were not pale as she had seen in mirror. Maybe that vision was nothing more than her mind playing tricks on her.  “Go down to the chapel and pray for your soul.”

It was the same instructions she had received many nights and like those other nights she did not fight. Her body simply rose from the bed as if on its own and began to make its journey down to the chapel.

How many nights....How many dreams? If it's not that woman killing herself ...it's that man. How long has this been going on? I suppose I don't know. Since they found me? How long has that been? I remember waking up what seems more than a fortnight ago ...and they found me a month before that. Why is it I only remember my name...Eirlys Rane.

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