Bippzy's Avatar & Signature Bazaar!!

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Bippzy's Avatar & Signature Bazaar!!

Post by Bippzy on Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:33 am

Want a snazzy avatar or signature? Well today's your lucky day! I'm willing to help you, yes YOU, achieve some sicknasty graphics to display!

All for the low low price of sacrificing everyone you have ever loved or will ever love absolutely nothing!!

Post your requests here and I'll see what I can do. If you can supply the images you want used, that would help me infinitely more because searching for specific things can be very daunting, annoying, time-consuming... You get the point.

A wee note: Animated things are more likely going to be fairly basic avatars or signatures. Doing something like my avatar with an animated gif would be EXTREMELY difficult (due to having to cut out/edit *each and every frame*), so if you want a gif-centric avatar/signature, please do not have insane requests. I'll gladly crop down the size of gifs, add text, and even backgrounds if the gif already has a transparent background.

Just remember, the more complicated the request, the longer it can take, and simpler requests will most likely take priority to keep anything from getting backed up.

CURRENT REQUESTS_________________________ __ _

COMPLETED REQUESTS_______________________ __ _

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